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Founder and creative idea


Challengize is a social, modern and 100% digital team health challenge where all forms of activities count. Cycling or yoga. Walking or aerobics. Tennis or golf. They all count and the smart Challenge Points system rewards you and your team for who you are, and what you have done. Put focus on healthy everyday exercise, team-building and in creating a winning corporate culture with your colleagues across the entire organisation, no matter where in the world they are. Welcome to Challengize!

Besides being a totaly awesome corporate health challenge, we love to create what we call experience races. Races where the experience and team aspect is main focus, and not necessarily the time.

Main partner and best friend


We are super proud to have SJ as our offical main partner. SJ is a Swedish travel partner that offers sustainable train travel, both independently and in collaboration with others. Every day, 130,000 people choose to travel on one of SJ´s 1,100 departures from 275 stations. Besides supporting SMIR with amaing prizes and other cool stuff along the way, all SMIR teams are offered free travel to and from Stockholm with SJ to participate in SMIR. How awesome is that!

Sponsor and friend


Vitamin Well offers a modern, healthier and tasty alternative to sodas and sugary juices. A beverage that is tasty, nutritious and contains less sugar.

Vitamin Well will offer refreshing drinks to all participants on the SMIR boat.

Sponsor and friend


ALUKIN boats offer practical boating for active people in the archipelago. Made with Swedish craftsmanship in Roslagen, just a few minutes from the SMIR start.


Alukin boats will transport participants stepping out of the race to the next stage.

Sponsor and friend offers you all the races in Sweden gathered in one and the same place. Search for a race, register, collect your favourite races and share your latest adventure.


In SMIR 2018 will be our official time keeping partner.

Partner and friend


Blackroll is your muscles best friend. Increase circulation and mobility or massage aching muslces for quicker recovery. Made in Germany from 100% recyclable materials, Blackroll is light and sweat / dirt repelent. 


Blackroll will help all the stiff and aching runners during the boat rides between islands during SMIR


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Partner and friend


AB Kartverkstan founded 1988 is a modern surveying consultant company based in Tyresö. We offer different types of surveying, stakeout,  CAD work, mass balance, area measurement and much more.

Kartverkstan will offer all SMIR participants proper maps over each island making navigation to the goal even easier.

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Partner and friend
”Share the passion of trail”. Swedens major website for trailrunning has a mission, the mission to inspire more people to discover the joy of running on the mountain and in the forest. At Trailrunning Sweden, you find a calendar with all Swedish trail races, news, feature articles, training tips, blogs and travels for trailrunners.