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What is Stockholm Multi Island Run?

It all started out as a crazy idea by Challengize founder and Runmarö native Nicholas Roman. After an amazing day on and around Arholma during the 2014 Amfibiemannen Swim Run an idea was born. Why not try to run the entire distance from Arholma to Utö across all the major islands along the way? And bring a lot of friends along for the experience. But instead of swimming between the islands use a boat for quick transportation and a more social event. Three years later, and after lots of planning, the Stockholm Multi Island Run was born. Read about the inagural SMIR in Swedens largest newspaper DN.

From 5 to 35 teams - from 1 boat to 4!

In 2018 SMIR was launched as a "real" race with a total of 35 teams chosen to participate. The route was set from north to south across Arholma-Rådmansö-Yxlan-Möja-Runmarö-Nämdö-Ornö-Utö, a distance of about 75km.


Each island is it's own stage with a mass start, check-point and finish with a cut-off time to make the boat. For those that miss the boat our partner Alukin will transport them to the next finish where they either rejoin the race or become a part of the SMIR organisation.

In 2020, due to Corona restrictions, we launched the SMIR - Back to the Future concept with four high-speed boats instead of one big ferry. With only 1-3 teams per boat a new race experience was born and we plan to continue with this solution in the years to come!

Resultat SMIR2018


The teams that have successfully completed all 7 islands leading up to Utö can run the final 3,5km stage of Utö as a finisher. The teams with the fastest combined time from the 8 stages will be the winners of SMIR. 

Once the teams have freshened up the SMIR dinner and prize ceremony will start at Utö Värdshus. All teams stay the night at Utö and enjoy a big SMIR breakfast together the day after.

SMIR Extreme - from sunset to sunrise!

SMIR Extreme will be launched for a limited few, maybe a reunion of the Original 10. The race will be back to Arholm from Utö. Starting on sunday 9pm at Utö it will mean running through the night, from sunset to sunrise, arriving at Arholma Nord on monday morning. This time of the year there is only about one hour of semi-darkness only. Crazy, amazing and a life-long memory!

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