Information about SMIR2022

SMIR2022 will be run on the first weeken of july 2022 registration will open March 1st at 09.00 CET - first come first serve. The race starts at 6am in central Stockholm with transportation to Kapellskär. First start at Arholma Nord is at about 8.45 and we finish at approximately 20.00 at Utö Gruvbryggan.

How SMIR is run!

On the first two island there will be a mass start and but after the finish on island two, Rådmansö, the chase is on! On each island the teams must navigate from jetty A) via check point (B) before reaching the finish (jetty C).  Each team will be supplied with a map of each island and there is no planned route, so it is up to the teams to find their best way to the finish line. The teams must stick together and cannot run different routes, but we encourage teams to run together helping each other out. 

At the finish line, there will be a number of high speed boats waiting, eager as hell to go! As soon as a certain number of teams have reach the finish line, the first boat will power off to the next island at about 30-40 knots...rock n roll! Teams arriving after this will consequently take the next boat once the right number of teams have arrived and so forth until all teams are on their way. The preliminary schedule is 3 teams per boat and 1 on the last boat. The cut-off time on each island is based on the last team starting on that island.

At Möja, island 5, there will be a mandatory 45 min lunch stop at Möja Wärdshus for all teams. This will give us all a chance to catch-up and share stories and brag about the best routes so far.

Teams that miss the cut-off will be shuttled to the next islands finish and can re-join the race after that. Participants opting out of the race will become part of the SMIR Crew helping as many runners as possible reach Utö!

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The cost and what's included

SMIR2022 costs 800 EUR* (8000 SEK) per team and we will only accept team applications this year. Included in the price is; 

  • Participation in the full SMIR experience race.

  • SMIR official get-together in May (online or IRL)

  • SMIR official finisher tee for those that complete the race.

  • SMIR official limited-edition training hat.

  • Transportation to the SMIR start from central Stockholm.

  • Energy such as bars, gels, sports drinks and water on the boats.

  • Lunch at Möja Wärdshus during the race.

  • SMIR finisher beer at Utö Gruvgrybban.

  • SMIR dinner, party and prize ceremony at Utö Wärdshus.

  • Free entry to the after party night club at Utö.

  • Accommodation at Utö Vandrarhem including bed linen, towels etc. 

  • Luxurious breakfast / brunch at Utö Wärdshus.

  • Inclusion in the SMIR family with other Challengize race perks.

  • Stiff legs, new friends and a world unique experience to brag to your grandchildren about!

*We just want ot explain that for SMIR we wither rent several speed boats or one large ferry for an entire day during peak season. About 75% of the SMIR budget goes to these boat rentals and therefore the price of SMIR is not comparative to f.ex. a normal ultra-marathon, triathlon or Swimrun race.