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Multi Island Run 

3-4 JULY 2027

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Welcome to SMIR

SMIR is a world unique experience in the outer Stockholm archipelago. But it is also an ultra marathon. Run in teams of two. Across 8 of the bigger islands. All in one day!


The amazing story about The Original 10

On July 27th 2017, a hand-picked group of brave runners set out on an amazing journey. They had one goal. To attempt the crazy idea of running the entire Stockholm archipelago in one day. Forever legends, the Original 10 proved it could be done!

SMIR Extreme 2023

SMIR Extreme

This summer we host the final chapter in the SMIR saga. After which the race will only live on in the history books with amazing tales of the brave runners who have claimed the titel SMIR Finishers throughout the years. 

SMIR Extreme will be run in the opposite direction of the regular SMIR. Starting at 21.00 at UTÖ Gruvbryggan the teams will gradually make their way up the entire Stockholm Archipelago finishing at Arholma Nord the morning after. 

The "course" will follow the 8 islands that have become home to SMIR participants during the years. Utö - Ornö - Nämdö - Runmarö - Möja - Yxlan - Rådmansö - Arholma. A tougher, rougher and more extreme version of SMIR run from sunset to sunrise. 

Registration will open on March 7th at 8.01 AM

From dusk to dawn!

Founder and creative idea


Challengize is a partner and platform for proactive and inspiring health initiatives. From our digital health challenge app to inspiring races and events. Our mission is to "get people active and have fun together" which is in our DNA across everything we do.

Besides being a totaly awesome corporate health challenge, we love to create what we call experience races. Races like SMIR where the team-effort and wolr unique experience is key, not necessarily the time.

Sponsor and friend

Established in 1847 by brewer J.C. Jacobsen, Carlsberg Group is one of the leading brewery groups in the world today.

In SMIR the Carlsberg finisher beer at Utö Gruvbryggan after running 75km over 8 islands is probably the best beer in the world! 

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